How to Use your Garmin to ride sessions set by your Coach – Part 2

So, you’ve downloaded a session from TrainingPeaks (TP) and now your all kitted up and ready to ride. You need to find and start the session. Turn on your Garmin and you will see this standard screen, click on the Training icon as indicated. Then select Workouts, you will have a screen which will showContinue reading “How to Use your Garmin to ride sessions set by your Coach – Part 2”

How to use your Garmin to ride sessions set by your coach – part 1

Some people are great with technology whilst others find Garmin (or similar devices) mind frazzling. So I have decided to do 2 posts on how to use your Garmin with TrainingPeaks to run sessions that your coach has prescribed. Part 1 – downloading the session from TrainingPeaks onto your Garmin Firstly open TrainingPeaks (TP) onContinue reading “How to use your Garmin to ride sessions set by your coach – part 1”

Tyres, tubes and navigation

I’d planned a solid trainingblock of steady endurance rides over the Christmas/new year break but unfortunately this had to be curtailed due to my asthma however by keeping to flattish routes I was still able to do 20-30 miles every day (including Christmas day!) and thankfully my fitness stayed level. Finally on Monday I wasContinue reading “Tyres, tubes and navigation”

Coughs and sneezes (and all those other nasties)

It’s that time of year again – loads of nasty bugs around that get in the way of training. Training with a cold is unpleasant – a runny nose is just unmanageable on the bike, but its not something that has to be stopped completely. I work on the principle that as long as I’mContinue reading “Coughs and sneezes (and all those other nasties)”

Mud Mud Glorious Mud!

I love living in the country side with easy access to quiet county lanes, the ever changing landscape and the frequent sighting of birds of prey, foxes, hares etc. The problem is that this this time of year those same lanes become a mud fest! If I wanted to do a bit of cyclocross thenContinue reading “Mud Mud Glorious Mud!”

Boring base training – why?

Base Training Traditional base training that takes place over the winter months is based around increasing time on the bike and working at lower than normal intensity.  This is difficult for those of us who have a full-time job, a family and live in a country where its dark when you get home from work!Continue reading “Boring base training – why?”

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