How to Use your Garmin to ride sessions set by your Coach – Part 2

So, you’ve downloaded a session from TrainingPeaks (TP) and now your all kitted up and ready to ride. You need to find and start the session.

Turn on your Garmin and you will see this standard screen, click on the Training icon as indicated.

Then select Workouts, you will have a screen which will show you a list of workouts that are currently live on your device. Select the one you want and then press ride.

Once you select ride the session will show on your screen and the time will start counting down so ensure you really are ready to do the session – atleast get moving off the drive!

The text at the top will tell you what power or heartrate is required for each interval, what you are actually achieving is indicated in larger print and also on the coloured bar. Try to keep in the green. The Grey graph shows you what is coming next and the figure at the bottom tells you how much time you have left in each interval.

If you finish a session but are still some distance from home just leave the Garmin alone and it will keep recording – chill out and listen to the birds.

When you get home the session will automatically upload to Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks and Strava (if you have set it to do so)

Any questions or problems get in touch

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