How to use your Garmin to ride sessions set by your coach – part 1

Some people are great with technology whilst others find Garmin (or similar devices) mind frazzling. So I have decided to do 2 posts on how to use your Garmin with TrainingPeaks to run sessions that your coach has prescribed.

Part 1 – downloading the session from TrainingPeaks onto your Garmin

Firstly open TrainingPeaks (TP) on your computer and plug in your Garmin to the usb drive. The Garmin will now work much like any external pen drive etc.

Open the session that you wish to download and click on the export file bucket.

You will be given various choices of file to download – select the one recommended for your device or even Zwift.

Your computer will ask you what you want to do with the file (how it does this varies depending on your browser), you want to save it to your garmin. My computer does this by asking me to ‘save as’ and I then select Garmin/ workouts as below. Save it as a workout and your done – it will be on your Garmin.

Tip of the week: clear all workouts off your Garmin every week to avoid confusion over which session to do. Sometimes sessions have a very similar title but are slightly different in content. You can always download them from TP when you want them.

Any questions just ask.

See Part 2 to learn how to use the session on your device

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